Friday 6 September 2013

Not so good news for MCM Aspirants

Few days back, late Friday (30th August 2013) MS has made an announcement – that they are cancelling the MCM Certification, not so good news for MCM Aspirants. This announcement has upset many in the SQL Community including me.

I have my own reasons, and belief about not attending any of the certification exam until few month back. In my 14+ years of career not even a single employer of mine have asked me to go and get certified. I can say, I am lucky, but all I know that I have worked hard – a lot. I have tried to learn a lot, from friends, from colleagues, from online web forums, books online, books and MS Evangelists, and still learning. And, that pays me well, I participate in community activities, speaks, blog and have been able to put my thoughts together to publish a book on SQL Server Cluster – this way I am surviving as a professional.

To be honest, during my career I have interviewed a lot many people and many of them are certified but they don’t have exposure and practical troubleshooting skills which was expected; apart from this, there are dumps available that can made it easy to clear an exam. Please, Neither I am not criticizing those who has passed nor I am saying all who haven’t passed aren’t good as professional, but I am just trying to make a point why I haven’t attempted one. With this kind of experience it never interest me to pass the certification.

And, then, MCM was introduced. I have heard a lot about Oracle exams which has lab test as well and MCM is similar kind of exams. Brent Ozar ( Blog | Twitter ) blogged about What is MCM in 2010. I have followed all his posts about MCM and has developed my interest in attending MCM training followed by an exam. Event though the exam and training fees are way too high for me, I have made my mind that I will utilize the money my employer provide each of us for training + some from my pocket to get train and earn this title – but, sadly, it is gone now.  Since MCITP is a pre-requisite for MCM, I have made my mind, attempted and failed. However, I was sure, I was reading more and will clear it in next attempt. But, I am not sure, whether I will be taking an MCITP now. Sad smile

I will be more than happiest person, if this decision for MCM exam are reversed or some relevant / at par exams are introduced. In our country, it is said that “whatever happened has happened for the good, and whatever that is going to be happen in future will be for good”.  I am hoping that this saying will hold true.

At the end, I would like to say, if you are believer and aspirant of this exam just like me please take some time and vote on the MS Connect site for reconsideration.

Thank you

Hemantgiri S. Goswami (